Change the way you care. #Paulus


Our story

Most horse and dog owners have sometimes been concerned about their animals medication data or the lack of it. Remembering vaccinations can be challenging. Following the changes in animal’s weight is easy to forget. The notes written on pieces of paper about care and treatment can be hard to find just when they are needed.

Veterinarian Heidi Kellokoski-Kiiskinen met all these challenges both in her work and as a horse and dog owner. She started to develop a mobile application to simplify the everyday life of horse and dog owners and vets. After much planning, brainstorming and development, the Paulus application was ready for test use. For the pilot phase, several dozen horse owners from both riding and harness racing were recruited, as well as both professionals and non-professionals. In addition a horse-related vocational college in Northern Savonia in Finland helped to test and design Paulus. Later the app was tested by dog owners. The feedback was positive.

“We wanted to develop a feasible and reliable app which would serve horse and dog owners and professionals no matter the sport or level they work in. Most importantly the horses and dogs would be well taken care of. By using Paulus, the health information of your animal is always with you in case you have to use different veterinarians”, tells Heidi.

Welcome to the world of Paulus!


The app is named after Heidi’s dog Paulus who has spent most of his life around horses.